Be healthy with My WellBeing

My WellBeing empowers you to
stay healthy in mind and body

Stay on top of your physical and hearing performance

My WellBeing uses your hearing aids' sensors
for a wide range of health measurements and four important health indicators.

Be happy and independent

My Steps

View step count

My Activity

Monitor activity level

My WearTime

Track hearing aid use

My Conversations

Tracks social interactions

See how well you are doing in your overall health

The hearing aids’ built in motion sensors not only let you hear better on the move but also automatically measure how many steps you take each day (My Steps) and how active you are (My Activity).  The app also shows you how much you use your hearing aids (My WearTime), and the unique Own Voice Processing technology measures how much you socially interact with others (My Conversations). 

Get a clear overview of your activity and hearing in daily, weekly and monthly detail and set goals to stay healthy

Experience the power and data from multiple apps and devices all in one place.

With My WellBeing, your hearing aids can replace other wearable step counters and activity trackers.

The proven health benefits of using fitness trackers

Get the most out of your hearing aids with usage insights, and let activity tracking support your quality of life – even with moderate physical activity.

  • Research shows that even moderate physical activity such as walking around your home or garden improves your quality of life.1
  •  Staying active increases your energy levels and confidence and is good for your cardiovascular health. It can even slow down age-related hearing loss.2
  • Using fitness trackers, like the new My WellBeing app, is scientifically proven to help maintain and improve physical activity.3

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Rest assured that all My WellBeing data is only visible in the app and not accessible to anyone else. 

For a clear view of how healthy hearing and physical activity can help you Be Brilliant, contact your local hearing care provider today.

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1 Acree, L. S., Longfors, J., Fjeldstad, A. S., Fjeldstad, C., Schank, B., Nickel, K. J., Montgomery, P. S., & Gardner, A. W. (2006). Physical activity is related to quality of life in older adults. Health and quality of life outcomes, 4, 37.

2 Alessio, H. M., & Marron, K. H. (2014) Fitness and Better Hearing, Part 1. Hearing Review, 21(3): 18-24

3 Larsen, R. T., Wagner, V., Korfitsen, C. B., Keller, C., Juhl, C. B., Langberg, H., & Christensen, J. (2022). Effectiveness of physical activity monitors in adults: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ, 376, e068047.

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