Meaghan Thomas, Broadcast Meteorologist wearing Signia hearing aids

Meaghan Thomas

Pure Charge&Go AX Wearer & Broadcast Meteorologist

"I’m the same person with hearing aids as I was before, but now I can engage more in life with better hearing."

"Voices sound so much sharper and clearer."

Meaghan Thomas, Meteorologist at WKRN TV studios in Nashville, Tennessee, is a proud wearer of Signia Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids. This model of Signia hearing aids is built on the Signia Augmented Xperience (AX) platform and utilizes two digital processors to simultaneously enhance nearby sounds while de-emphasizing background noise.

"When I deliver the weather, I’m on the other side of a wall from the news anchors. I can’t see their faces or get visual cues, so being able to hear them this clearly, I’m able to play off what they’re saying.”

Meaghan Thomas, Broadcast Meteorologist, wearing Signia hearing aids in front of green screen

"Without my Signia hearing aids, it would be harder to do my job."

Meaghan Thomas, Broadcast Meteorologist, adjust Signia hearing aids with the app

“I’m able to hear what I need to hear without picking up unnecessary sound.”

The Signia app allows you to discreetly manage settings on your hearing aids such as volume and directionality. “It’s great to be in a restaurant and open the Signia app on my smartphone and instantly adjust my hearing aids’ settings to focus on the person in front of me. All the other noise goes away.”

“I want to help other people feel the relief I felt when I got hearing aids."

Through her job, Meaghan speaks to nearly three million people every day. But when the broadcast meteorologist spontaneously posted on social media about overcoming hearing loss with hearing aids, the people spoke back. Many had been dealing with the same challenges.

“I got so many messages,” Meaghan said of the reaction to telling her social media followers she wore hearing aids. “They were grateful that I shared my story, and it made them feel like they could overcome the stigma of hearing aids and be anything they wanted to be.”
Meaghan Thomas, Broadcast Meteorologist, looking at her post about wearing Signia hearing aids

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