How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

That’s often the first question asked when someone is considering hearing aids. Fortunately, Signia offers high-quality hearing aids to meet not just any level of hearing loss, but also any budget.

One of the main factors determining the cost of hearing aids is the personal care you receive from a licensed hearing care professional (HCP). Hearing aids that are professionally fit can be better suited to your unique hearing loss needs, while offering you the ongoing support to ensure you have the best experience possible with your hearing aids, no matter your budget. HCP fees could vary depending on the level of service and tools used to diagnose and validate your hearing and hearing aids.

Other factors that determine the price of hearing aids include:

  • Type/level of hearing loss: The extent and type of your hearing loss will play a role in determining which hearing aids are best for you, in terms of power level and type of hearing aid, and thus impact the price.
  • Location: As with most products and services, the cost of hearing aids can differ based on where in the US you live.
  • Type of hearing aid: Whether you want something small and sleek that almost disappears in your ear or require a more powerful device, hearing aid prices can vary based on which type you purchase.
  • Health insurance coverage: Your health insurance provider may cover some of the costs of hearing aids, so check with your provider to see if they cover hearing health. In addition, Signia works with our HCP partners to offer Medicaid and vocational options where applicable. Just ask your HCP for more details about Medicaid-eligible hearing aids.
  • Hearing aid features: Hearing aids come with a variety of options, so the number of features you want can affect the final cost.
  • Service and support warranty: As with other high-tech products, hearing aids come with various service and support plans and warranties, which also factor into their costs.


As you can see, the cost of hearing aids can vary widely based on several factors; however, the benefits of hearing aids are clear. Signia hearing aids can enhance your human potential by helping you hear better – even in noisy situations. In fact, Signia AX is even proven to perform better than normal hearing*. If you’re ready to start your journey to better hearing, the first step is to find a hearing care professional who offers Signia hearing aids. Start your search here!

Additional information about hearing aid prices can be found via Hearing Tracker, an independent resource for hearing aid consumers. You can also learn more about Signia hearing aids, the options offered and features included here

* Jensen N.S., Høydal E.H., Branda E. & Weber J. 2021a. Augmenting speech recognition with a new split-processing paradigm. Hearing Review, 28(6), 24-27 

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