Don St. Peter

Don St. Peter

Styletto AX Wearer
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"I love Styletto AX, and I recommend them to everyone."

“My wife was cooking bacon and I could hear the sizzling in the pan ... it’s been nothing but a help — a change of life.” 

Don St. Peter, who works as a utility compliance director, swears by his Styletto AX hearing aids. They’re among Signia’s newest models with an Augmented Xperience (AX) platform that helps you hear clearer and minimizes background noise.

“In my early to mid-50s, there was a lot of, ‘Huh? Huh?’ Not understanding what people were saying,” Don recalls. But that situation would turn around when family members finally convinced Don to have his hearing checked. 
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“The Styletto AX hearing aid has improved my life because it’s easy to wear.”

Don’s daughter, Ashley, is an audiologist, so when she noticed her dad’s struggles to understand others during noisy family gatherings, she urged him to take action. “She would say, ‘Listen, if you don’t want to go get your hearing checked ... then it’s best that you don’t participate,’” Don says. “And for me, being a very social person, it was hard, and it hurt.” 

"With the Styletto AX, the back of your ears do not push out.” 

Styletto AX features the world’s first Slim Receiver-in-Canal (Slim-RIC) hearing aid with a sleek and stylish design that breaks down stigma. Styletto AX—along with all hearing aids on the Augmented Xperience platform—also features My WellBeing, a new capability that allows wearers to track their steps and hearing aid usage, and CallControl, which gives them the freedom to participate in other activities while taking phone calls using Signia HandsFree for iOS.

“When you have a large-frame glass, the way I do, it pushes your ear out and it’s bothersome, sometimes to the point where, in a long day, you want to take [your hearing aids] out. With the Styletto AX, morning to night, no issues. ... They’re perfect.” 

"They’re so comfortable, you don’t even know that you have them on.” 

For Don, the sleek design and AX capability are especially helpful for his daily activities, such as having conversations with loved ones or listening to music—even while working out. But sometimes it can be easy to for him forget he’s wearing them. “There’s times when I’ve gotten in the shower and not even realized, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve got to take out my hearing aids and put them in the case.’ Because they’re so comfortable, you don’t even know that you have them on.”

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