Help with Hearing Loss for Active Military and Veterans

Resources for veterans with hearing loss

We offer a full range of hearing aids and accessories through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to those eligible for VA services and benefits.

If you’re a veteran who wishes to get your hearing tested, register via the health administration/enrollment section of the VA medical center of your choice. This can be done in person, online by filling out Form 10-10EZ, or by mailing a completed Form 10-10EZ to your chosen VA medical center. For details on the eligibility of enrolled veterans for hearing service coverage, visit the website on medical benefits.

After registering, request a referral to an Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinic from your VA primary care provider. If an audiological evaluation reveals you require hearing aids or other assistive devices, they will be provided at no charge. Your audiologist will explain how to order batteries, wax guards, and other hearing aid accessories during your consultation, as these and future repairs will also be covered by your VA benefits.

Plan to bring the following documentation to your appointment:

Copy of your Veteran’s DD214 (Service Record)
Current driver’s license
Relevant health insurance information
Locate a VA facility near you.
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Helpful Veterans Administration links:

Giving Back

Signia is proud to partner with Fisher House Foundation to provide military personnel, veterans, and their families with free housing when their loved ones are in the hospital. In 2021, Signia's Government Services Team donated $25,000 to Fisher House Foundation

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