Darius Wells

It’s more than just a hearing aid. It’s the one that looks good on camera.

Former Marine Darius Wells is a man of action. After serving two tours of duty in Afghanistan, he decided to leave the United States Armed Forces and embark on another challenging and exciting career – this time in television.

Starting in TV production, his combination of good looks, discipline, and athleticism quickly put him in front of the camera as a professional model. But he was carrying a secret that he was worried could throw his budding modeling career off course: hearing loss sustained from his days of combat and countless hours spent on the rifle range without hearing protection.

"I didn’t realize how important taking care of my hearing was at such a young age. We only get one set of ears."

Darius Wells

Darius worried about hearing all the instructions on set. And traditional hearing aids did not fit his debonair image. But then he was introduced to the new Styletto Connect from Signia. Its sleek, distinctive design looks like a cool piece of wearable tech that matches his smartphone in style and functionality. He can even stream phone calls, music and more straight to his ears via Bluetooth®. Their incredible performance and pocket-sized charging case mean that Darius can hear every word the photographer says, no matter how long his working day might be.

Now armed with Styletto Connect, as the slogan on his website itsdariuswells.com confidently states, “The Best is yet to come!” for Darius.

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