Dane Drewis

It’s more than just a hearing aid. It’s the perfect partner for my life on the road.

Looking back, guitarist Dane Drewis wishes he had used hearing protection when he was younger playing in various bands in California. Making music is in his blood because his mother, who is originally from Korea, and his father played together in bands for more than 30 years. But his hearing deteriorated due to his regular exposure to loud music on the live circuit.

It started with mild tinnitus – a ringing in his ears after playing a show that was gone by the next day. But soon, Dane noticed that his hearing had been affected permanently. “I had to start concentrating much more when people were talking to me,” he recalls. “If my back was turned, I just couldn’t hear them.”

"This hearing aid actually looks cool, it’s the best of all worlds in sound and style!"


Dane Drewis

Hearing aids did not suit Dane’s creative and dynamic lifestyle. Until he encountered the new Styletto Connect from Signia. These stylish rechargeable devices with premium sound and full Bluetooth connectivity are more than just hearing aids – they are stylish HEARWEAR™ that Dane enjoys using.

Another advantage of Styletto Connect is the pocket-sized charger. With this, Dane can use the hearing aids for up to four days on the road without having to go near a wall socket or cable to charge them.

“It’s by far the easiest to wear because it looks cool,” Dane says. “Styletto Connect is elegant and high-tech. It fits my self-image and lifestyle.”

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