EarWear 3.0

Designed to help your hearing aids fit comfortably and securely in your ears

Aesthetically appealing

The new bending and in-ear positioning of the tube or cable that connects hearing aids to the receiver in your ear canal provides a more discreet appearance. Its size reduction by 25% enables you to wear even smaller hearing aids.


Left photo: previous placement. Right photo: new placement

Better retention

The new design also offers a reliable fit in your ear canal without the need for any additional equipment to hold the receiver in place in your ear canal.

Improved wearing comfort

The softness of Eartip 3.0 enable a highly comfortable and secure fit of your hearing aids, even if you have a small ear canal.

Improved usability

Eartips 3.0 and Sleeves 3.0 are easy for you to exchange to provide an optimal hearing experience.

Improved miniReceivers 3.0 and Eartips 3.0

1) Improved design for better protection against earwax

2) WaxGuard 3.0 NanoCare reliably protects the receiver from moisture and earwax

3) Interface allows easy Eartip 3.0 exchange while offering greater safety

4) The new Eartip 3.0 and Sleeve 3.0 interface is comfortable in small ear canals

5) The titanium shield is anti-allergic

Optimized Earmolds 3.0

miniReceiver 3.0 and ThinTube 3.0 use the new Earmold 3.0 interface.

Earmold 3.0 is available in both short and long version.

miniReceiver 3.0

ThinTube 3.0

Eartips 3.0 & Sleeves 3.0

EarWear 3.0 is compatible with our latest hearing aids

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