How Signia can enhance your performance with unique solutions to your hearing loss

At Signia, we aspire to empower people to perform at their best and gain an advantage – to Be Brilliant. Our mission is to enhance human performance through iconic innovations that shape the present and future of many different types of hearing aids.

Being brilliant means different things to different people. Every one of us has a range of priorities and wishes in life and this directly affects how we try to deal with hearing loss. We all have a need to feel safe and sheltered yet there are higher-level concerns of self-fulfillment that differ from person to person in terms of priorities. While some of us are focused on our personal relationships with friends and loved ones, others place great value on our careers or maintaining our youthful sense of adventure and curiosity.

No two people are the same, so it makes sense that Signia looks to enhance human performance in a variety of different fields, from the personal to the public and professional world. Because enhancing your performance is about giving you the opportunity not just to live with hearing loss but to thrive in spite of it in all the ways that make you feel fulfilled.

In this blogpost, we take a look at the many ways in which Signia places its focus on enhancing performance with the aim of letting you Be Brilliant.

Maintaining independence

If you are living with hearing loss, your wish to stay independent and in control of your life is something you share with everyone in your situation. Have you experienced difficulty understanding conversations in noisy places such as a crowded room or restaurant? Misunderstanding words and having to ask people to repeat themselves? This is a common concern. You might also have struggled to follow a conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time.

Signia addresses these fundamental concerns by offering hearing solutions that can help to provide a feeling of safety and security, mitigating any fears you might have of your life changing from how you know it and of losing control. With Signia hearing aids of all shapes and sizes, you can feel as reliable as always towards everyone who matters in your life.

Sharing family life

Feeling that your family share their lives with you is an important fundamental need for most people. You want to be able to continue to care for and support your nearest and dearest. Signia hearing solutions deliver the necessary confidence boost, enabling you to feel that you can help your family when needed and that you and the other members of your family understand and know each other inside out.

Sustaining meaningful relationships

Beyond the immediate family, sustaining meaningful relationships with other people is an important aspect of treating hearing loss, especially if you consider yourself sociable and like to lend an empathetic ear to help others. When hearing loss strikes, getting your ease of conversation back is a top priority. Having trouble with conversations in noisy environments and when more than one person is talking are the most frequent challenges to overcome.

Another aspect that you will probably value is your Signia hearing aids’ Bluetooth connectivity for making phone and video calls. We have all these angles covered with leading-edge audiology that aims to ensure clear speech comprehension even in noise and state-of-the-art connectivity for streaming music, phone calls and TV audio.

Being engaged in romantic relationships

Romance keeps us feeling young and those of us who place a lot of importance on it can sometimes need a little more convincing before we are ready to try hearing aids for the first time.

Whether you are keeping your marriage strong with frequent acts of devotion or embarking on an exciting new liaison, romance-minded people tend to live more active lives than the average person with hearing loss. You also tend to live a fulfilling social life, so Signia’s sleek hearing aid designs including the slim-line Styletto X with Bluetooth connectivity for phone and video calls meets a key demand in your life to stay in close contact and communicate freely with friends and family.

Making a meaningful contribution to society

Beyond the personal and family realm, many people with hearing loss wish to feel that they are an active member of society, whether this is related directly to the impact you can make in your chosen career or a voluntary position that you hold in public life with the aim of making a difference for the good of society. If this sounds like you, chances are that you are dedicated to your work and feel responsible for helping others.

We have a range of options to help you deal with hearing loss in your career. From our nearly invisible hearing solutions such as the instant-fit Silk X to strong design statements such as Styletto X and our revolutionary Signia Active, with its unique earbud-style design. Whatever your preference, Signia designs its hearing solution with the aim of matching your idealistic and forward-looking nature. And if you want to be an active member of society despite more severe hearing loss, our innovative range of sleek Motion X hearing aids offer rechargeability combined with Bluetooth streaming even in the Super Power category – with up to 61 hours of use on a single charge!

Maintaining your youthful energy

From keen adventurers to creative artists, Signia caters to those of you with hearing loss who want to keep pushing the boundaries of life by learning new skills, visiting new places and meeting new people. We understand how inquisitive, energetic and engaged you are, and our unique rechargeable hearing solutions match those qualities – from the earbud aesthetic of Signia Active to the sleek elegance of Styletto X and versatility of Pure Charge&Go X, all of which you can use for a whole day on a single charge.

All our hearing aids come with the free Signia app for your smartphone. It features the revolutionary AI Signia Assistant, which uses a deep neural network inspired by how the human brain solves challenges to offer you the ideal solution to any hearing difficulties you might experience at the touch of a button. This is another innovative way in which our state-of-the-art technology can make your daily life easier, allowing you to focus on enjoying the freedoms and adventures in life.

By addressing all these priorities, Signia delivers a brand promise like no other – the idea that you can Be Brilliant despite hearing loss, from your family life and close friendships to your career and wider social activities. With Signia, you too can refuse to accept hearing loss as a limitation. Because it’s not about correcting a loss; it’s about you gaining that edge to Be Brilliant.

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