Immerse yourself in outstanding speech clarity

Be Brilliant™
with Pure Charge&Go AX

Our new Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids change the way you hear the world.

No more straining to hear speech above background noise

Our revolutionary Augmented Focus™ technology lets you follow conversations with ease, even in difficult listening situations.

Key features:

Augmented Xperience


Auto EchoShield


Own Voice Processing 2.0


Android & iPhone connectivity

Recharge on-the-go



HandsFree for iOS


Augmented Speech Understanding

AI Digital Assistant

AX Soundscape Processing

Augment your hearing Xperience

Pure Charge&Go AX offer an unprecedented hearing experience that goes beyond previous natural-sounding solutions. We call this augmented hearing that strives to deliver outstanding speech clarity with an amazing immersive soundscape in any situation.

Pure Charge&Go AX stand up to any acoustic challenge to let you Be Brilliant
– all day, every day.

Pure Charge&Go AX models come with a compact charger with the option to upgrade to a portable or Dry&Clean charger

Pure Charger

Pure Dry&Clean

Connectivity and app control

AI powered personal sound

The revolutionary Signia Assistant in the Signia app lets you optimize the sound for you personally in real-life situations.
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The hearing professional in your pocket

The Signia app lets you contact your hearing care professional via your smartphone whenever you need remote support.
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Get extra support on the spot

Signia TeleCare enables you to keep in touch with your hearing care professional, so you get support when you need it.

So you can Be Brilliant in any situation.

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How to handle Pure Charge&Go AX

How to insert Pure Charge&Go AX in the ear
How to take a Pure Charge&Go AX out of the ear
How to turn Pure Charge&Go AX on and off
How to replace the miniReceiver 3.0 on a Pure Charge&Go hearing aid
How to replace an eartip on a Pure Charge&Go hearing aid
How to find the serial number for Pure Charge&Go AX
How to find the serial number for Pure Charge&Go T AX
How to charge Pure Charge&Go AX with the Pure Charger
How to charge Pure Charge&Go AX with the Pure Portable Charger
How to charge the Pure Portable Charger
How to charge Pure Charge&Go AX with Pure Dry&Clean
How to use CallControl with Pure Charge&Go AX, Pure Charge&Go T AX, and Pure 312 AX
Pure Charge&Go AX and Pure Charge&Go T AX are suitable for all levels of hearing loss (mild, moderate, severe or profound).
A full charge takes approximately four hours. 

Yes. 30 min fast charge gives approx. 6* additional hours for Pure Charge&Go AX and approx. 9* additional hours for Pure Charge&Go T AX.

*exact time depends on many factors and will vary

Lithium-ion battery is currently the best rechargeability solution in the market mainly with its:

  • Longer daily runtime,
  • Longer overall lifetime,
  • Shorter charging time (together with a fast charging option), and
  • Higher convenience for the hearing aid wearer.
Yes. With Pure Charge&Go AX and Pure Charge&Go T AX, you can use direct audio streaming from iOS (Apple) devices with the “made-for-iPhone (MFi)" hearing aid standard as well as certain Android devices using the ASHA standard. Audio streaming from other mobile devices (Android smartphones without ASHA, older Apple devices, PCs, laptops and other Bluetooth mobile devices) is possible via our StreamLine Mic accessory.
Yes. With our StreamLine TV accessory, you can stream from your TV directly to Pure Charge&Go AX and Pure Charge &Go T AX hearing aids.
There is a rocker switch push button on the device for onboard control. Additionally, it can also be controlled remotely via the Signia app, which is freely downloadable onto your smartphone, or via our small and easy-to-use miniPocket remote control.

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