Be clear

Be clear

on what we stand for.
To be the most responsible choice of hearing aid, we’re being clear on our many positive, powerful steps – to care for the environment, to address stigma, and to highlight hearing health. Join us on the journey to making brilliant choices that enhance the experience of life.

reduction in impact
with the switch to rechargeable*

Powering up change

Our rechargeable range consists of brilliant, impact-lowering hearing aids that make switching from traditional battery-operated simple. 

Since we launched our first rechargeable device, we’ve built out our rechargeable offer across all our models, to provide the most comprehensive range there is. 

Since then, we’ve done detailed Life Cycle Assessments to understand and share exactly how the production, distribution, and battery disposal practices for all our hearing solutions affects our wearers’ individual impact. 

Because our responsibility isn’t just to change how you hear the world – it’s to change how we treat it. Together. 

Explore rechargeable
More details in our White Paper "Comparison of battery solutions for hearing aid devices"
White paper

Clearly responsible

On environment

Even when something is small, it can be mighty. So, whether we’re evolving our rechargeable range or tracking our products’ impact with Life Cycle Assessments, we’re clear on the actions we’re taking now – and can take next – to reduce our environmental impact and increase the ways we’re circular. 

On stigma

Barriers break down when people talk about taboos. So, to stand up to stigma, we design award-winning hearing solutions so discreet and tech-forward that people wear and talk about them with pride. We also join the conversation from our unique standpoint, of refusing to see hearing loss as a limitation – or its correction as anything other than gaining an edge. 

On hearing health

No matter how remote their location, we want to meet people where they are. So, we’ve developed and refined tools like our virtual store locator and online hearing test to be truly accessible for everyone. It’s about people knowing that wherever they need us, we’re never out of reach. 

Everyone’s included

“We want to make sure nobody feels left out when they look for a hearing solution that fits their unique needs and style”

All together now

Signia, WSA and the UN SDGs

Environment, stigma and hearing health are our clear responsibility actions and goals at Signia. They’re where we can create impact and they align with the bold ambitions of WSA, our parent company, which themselves speak into five UN Sustainable Development Goals. This means our actions are part of the bigger picture. 

The five goals are: Good Health and Well-Being, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Climate Action, and Responsible Consumption and Production. 

Our sustainability report

The big picture – to download and dig into 

Big, small, loud, and proud – we’re taking many steps across our business towards goals like carbon neutrality by 2025. 

Download the Sustainability Report from our parent company WSA, to see the beauty in the details – and where we are on our journey right now. 

Download the report

*Comparing functionally equivalent devices. Based on functional unit of Life Cycle Assessment: Use of two hearing aid devices for 12 hours per day with an average use profile over a period of 5.5 years in the EU-28. Average savings across impact categories for Life Cycle Assessment. Life Cycle Assessment includes 18 impact categories.

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