Stretta HP and HP-T

Powerful and functional with direct streaming.

The Signia Stretta HP is an ideal BTE for wearer with moderate to severe (or even profound) hearing loss.

This powerful device harmonises the wearer's voice and surrounding sounds, providing a realistic perception of the wearer's own voice and improved speech understanding in noise.

The Stretta HP provides full Bluetooth connectivity and Signia TeleCare with an optional modular T-coil integrated in the battery door.

Key features

Own Voice Processing™ (OVP)

TeleCare remote compatibility 

Connectivity and streaming

Remote control

Signia app compatible

Equipped with Bluetooth

CROS compatible

Integrated TeleCoil

Signia Stretta - Improve how you hear speech and your surroundings.

When hearing loss appears, it restricts your natural hearing experience. Now you can improve your hearing to a remarkable new level and even preserve the familiar sound of your own voice – thanks to Signia Stretta hearing aids with Own Voice ProcessingTM (OVP).


Signia Stretta´s elegant solutions replicate the normal experience of hearing everything in harmony. They also offer direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV audio via Bluetooth®, while the Signia app provides everything you need to enjoy your hearing aids to the full - according to your personal preferences: audio streaming, remote control and remote support. All you need is your smartphone.

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