Contrast™ - Reduced listening effort.

Combining the optimal balance of sound quality and audibility tailored to the wearer’s individual preference, Contrast separates speech from the noise using its 32 channel automatic directionality and narrow directionality features to reduce listening effort and help re socialise patients with hearing difficulty thereby improving their general well-being.

The Contrast Family

Whatever the situation, whatever your needs and requirements – whether it’s RIC, BTE or ITE - Contrast offers natural ease of listening all day long.

The outstanding Contrast hearing aid technology is available in a range of models from RIC to miniBTE, Power, Super Power BTE and Custom. Within the Contrast family there’s a perfect hearing aid for almost every hearing loss. Plus, with its CROS RIC solution, Contrast offers you with unaidable hearing loss in one ear easier all round hearing.

Download Signia Contrast Family Brochure

Signia Contrast Family Brochure
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