Improve how you hear speech and your surroundings

Signia Stretta

Our hearing plays an important role in how we interact with the world around us. It facilitates the forming of relationships and opens up a wealth of sensory experiences. It is also very complex and extremely sensitive, so let´s give it the attention it deserves.


When hearing loss appears, it restricts your natural hearing experience. Now you can improve your hearing to a remarkable new level and even preserve the familiar sound of your own voice – thanks to Signia Stretta hearing aids with Own Voice Processing™ (OVP).

From your smartphone to your sports shoes, finding the right accessories helps you to get the most out of life. The same is now possible for your hearing. 
Hearing what matters has never been more important in today´s busy world, where a missed word can mean a missed opportunity. The hearing solutions from Signia Stretta are designed to give you that edge. Now you no longer have to worry about missing out on conversations. 
The earlier we are properly fitted with hearing aids, the better, even if you only have slight hearing loss - as when you hear well again the brain is stimulated and mental vitality is maintained. It´s only when our hearing starts to deteriorate significantly, that we realise just how important hearing is in our everyday lives, and how much we miss it when we no longer hear as well as we used to.
The Signia Stretta family are all fully featured ready to help you immerse yourself in the world and connect to family and friends around you.
Your hearing instrument will be selected based on your hearing and lifestyle needs and your audiologist will discuss any options with you at your hearing aid fitting appointment.

Crystal Clear Sound

Speech in Noise 

AI Digital Assistant (with select models)

Hearing Your Own Voice

Stream Phone Calls, Music, and TV

When you want to get the most out of life, hearing others clearly is essential – especially when in noisy environments.
Signia Stretta hearing aids feature Own Voice Processing™ (OVP) that recognises and processes your own voice separately, resulting in a more balanced perception of your voice and how you hear others. Advanced Soundscape Processing then works to mimic the way we naturally localise sound, enhancing the soundscape around you for better spatial awareness and overall speech understanding.
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