How the new Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids from Signia can change the way you hear the world

Hearing isn’t always easy – a big group of people talking at the same time, too much background noise. Our new Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids unravel this confusing array of sounds so you can focus with ease on what you want to hear

These high-tech devices can change the way you hear the world. No more straining to hear speech above background noise: Our revolutionary hearing technology lets you follow conversations with ease, even in difficult listening situations.

Immerse yourself in outstanding speech clarity

Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids use our ground-breaking Augmented Xperience (AX) platform. You can think of it as the hearing aid’s operating system because today’s hearing aids are as sophisticated inside as any high-end consumer electronics device.

The AX platform features our revolutionary Augmented Focus™ technology. This consists of two patented processors. The processors split the sound processing tasks between them. One focuses fully on outstanding enhanced sound clarity for what is in focus, like your conversation partner or your favorite music. The other processor is dedicated to providing full natural awareness of your surroundings, slightly softened to allow space for what you want to focus on. It works in a similar way to 3D movies, where key images appear directly in front of you while the background remains further away.

This revolutionary processing technology offers you crystal-clear speech comprehension in an immersive soundscape. Sounds that you are focused on appear slightly closer than in reality and crisp and clear with full dynamics while background noises are attenuated. Advanced sensor technology recognizes if you are moving, and detects which hearing situation you are in automatically, to ensure that you always experience the best possible sound as you move through your day.

Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids are available in a wide range of colors to suit every taste: graphite, fine gold, deep brown, black, beige, silver, pearl white, rose gold, sandy brown, and dark champagne. Another new hearing aid is our Pure Charge&Go T AX. It features an integrated telecoil (T) so you can connect directly to audio loop systems. Pure Charge&Go AX is also available as a CROS device for people with hearing loss in one ear.


Prescription audio that performs

Pure Charge&Go AX and Pure Charge&Go T AX stand up to any acoustic challenge to let you Be Brilliant – all day, every day. They are packed with all the high-tech features you need, such as direct streaming via Bluetooth for your phone calls and music from both Android1 and iOS devices as well as advanced tinnitus therapies to make your life with tinnitus more comfortable.

These sleek modern all-rounders are also rechargeable. Pure Charge&Go AX gives you up to 24 hours of use on a single charge with 5 hours of streaming. Pure Charge&Go T AX delivers up to 36 hours with 5 hours of streaming. They come with a compact charger with the option to upgrade to a portable or Dry&Clean charger.

The small and highly reliable Pure Charger addresses basic needs when it comes to providing power to your hearing aids. 2 LEDs indicate the charging status (one per hearing aid). This standard desktop charger can be plugged into the mains via a power cable.

The sophisticated Pure Portable Charger offers comfort and charging on the go. Its power bank allows for 3 full charges of your hearing aids. A lid protects the hearing aids and prevents dust accumulating in the charger. 2 LEDs indicate the charging status (one per hearing aid) and one for the integrated power bank.

And the Pure Dry&Clean Charger is the ultimate in state-of-the-art charging technology because it also offers ultraviolet cleaning and drying technology to keep your hearing aids in peak condition. Cleaning starts automatically when you place the hearing aids inside and is completed in just 15 minutes. 3 LEDs per hearing aid indicate their charging status and an additional LED indicates the cleaning status. The Pure Dry&Clean Charger also has a lid to ensure optimal cleaning and storage of the hearing aids.

All three chargers deliver a full charge in around 4 hours. They also offer 30 minutes quick charging so you can boost the runtime of your hearing aids beyond a full day for maximum flexibility free from annoying battery changes, whether you are on a long journey or just want to stream audio for many hours.

Personal support at your fingertips

Pure Charge&Go AX and Pure Charge&Go T AX hearing aids connect to the Signia app, which contains the Signia Assistant and TeleCare support. The Signia Assistant offers you immediate support whenever you need to adjust settings while Signia TeleCare enables you to keep in touch with your hearing care professional, so you get extra support on the spot when you need it.


Signia Assistant – Your very own hearing companion

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the Signia Assistant learns your preferences to give you the most personal hearing experience possible and to support you in challenging situations. It accompanies you every step of your hearing journey, boosting your confidence and making you feel more in control of your hearing success, as reported by an overwhelming 93% of Signia Assistant users.²

The Signia Assistant is very easy to use because the real magic is happening in the background. Inspired by the way the human brain solves challenges, its highly advanced deep neural network AI continuously develops new skills to better support you. It learns your preferences to create the optimal solution tailored to your individual hearing needs.
The Signia Assistant gives you:

  • Settings tailored to your personal preferences for an even clearer sound and best speech comprehension in every situation,
  • Answers to your questions about how to handle your hearing aids so you can easily recall every detail discussed during your appointment,
  • Highly intuitive 24/7 support whenever you need it,
  • Confidence and control over your hearing success.

In this way, the Signia app acts like a hearing professional in your pocket, so you can Be Brilliant in any situation with our revolutionary hearing aids.

Find your nearest hearing care professional today by using our convenient online store locator and make an appointment to experience the new Pure Charge&Go AX or Pure Charge&Go T AX.


1 Compatible with Android smartphones offering Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA)

2 Hoydal EH, Fisher R-L, Wolf V, Branda E, Aubreville M. Empowering the wearer: AI-based Signia Assistant allows individualized hearing care. Hearing Review. 2020;27(7):22-26.


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