Don't let hearing loss steal the sounds of summer

Don't let untreated hearing loss keep you from enjoying the sounds of summer. With the help of hearing aids and guidance from a hearing care professional, you can be part of conversations around you and savor the  season's unique sounds.

Here are a few ways that hearing aids could help you get the most out of this special season.

Join in at social events  

Summer is often a time for outdoor get-togethers, from meeting friends on the patio to attending family BBQs at the park. Heavy background noise in these settings can make it difficult to hear and follow conversations. Hearing aids with advanced noise suppression technology can help you hear your conversation partners clearly and participate in summer events.

Appreciate nature's symphony 

One of the summer’s greatest joys is its sounds, like leaves rustling, birds chirping, or waves crashing. Hearing aids can pick up these soft sounds, allowing you to enjoy experiences you might have assumed were lost.

Enjoy indoor summer activities, too

Indoor summer activities, like going to the movies or listening to your favorite album at home, can also be improved through hearing aid use. Hear the speaker clearly at many public venues, such as a church or a concert hall with an inductive loop system connecting to your hearing aid. You can also directly connect to many of your devices, e.g., your phone, tablet or tv, and stream sound directly to your hearing aids using Bluetooth technology.    

Need help? Contact a hearing care professional

Don't spend another summer missing out on the sounds you love. Set up an appointment with a hearing care professional to evaluate your hearing and find the hearing aids that are best for you. By taking this step now, you'll have plenty of time to experience all the sounds of the season.

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