Be  Brilliant™  with Signia hearing aids

with Signia hearing aids

What does it take to Be Brilliant?

From your smartphone to your tablet, finding the right technology helps you to get the most out of life and perform at your best. The same is now possible for your hearing. Because hearing what matters has never been more important in today’s busy world, where a missed word can mean a missed opportunity.

Hearing aids – the gateway to better hearing

New to hearing aids? Here’s a quick introduction to how they work, what they look like, and which types are best for you.

What is most important for you to Be Brilliant?

What is the best hearing aid for my hearing loss?

Connect to the world

Hearing aids now allow you to hear the technological world along with the natural world, with easy connections to your phone, TV, tablet, and other devices. Signia hearing aids offer Bluetooth connectivity for remote control adjustments, phone calls, audio streaming, and guided assistance with your hearing aids via the innovative Signia Assistant.

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Download now:

Hearing aid technology

Power the conversation

With Signia Integrated Xperience, every word you say, every laugh you share, and every story you tell enhances all life's essential moments.
Discover Integrated Xperience

Augment your hearing Xperience

Our new ground-breaking Augmented Xperience platform enables augmented hearing that lets you enjoy outstanding speech clarity with an amazing immersive soundscape in any situation.

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Hear what matters to you

Signia Xperience is the name of our revolutionary technology platform – the smart chip and operating system if you like – that drives the sound processing of our new hearing aids. Signia Xperience personalises your hearing aids to understand what really matters, so that you can always hear what matters to you.
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