Signia Assistant
Your very own hearing companion

Your hearing is personal – from your favorite sounds to your individual needs in each acoustic situation. The new Signia Assistant is your very own hearing companion to let you stay fully involved in life and hear what matters to you.

The Signia Assistant lives in the Signia app – available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Using artificial intelligence, the Signia Assistant learns your preferences to give you the most personal hearing experience possible and to support you in challenging situations, as 93% of wearers are satisfied with their hearing aids in difficult listening situations when using the Signia Assistant.¹

It accompanies you every step of your hearing journey, boosting your confidence and making you feel more in control of your hearing success, as reported by an overwhelming 93% of Signia Assistant users.¹

¹ Data on file

A highly intelligent Assistant

The Signia Assistant is very easy to use because the real magic is happening in the background. Inspired by the way the human brain solves challenges, its highly advanced deep neural network artificial intelligence continuously develops new skills to better support you. It learns your preferences to create the optimal solution tailored to your individual hearing needs.

Get started easier

During your first appointments, you receive new information about your hearing aids. You might not remember every little detail by the time you get home from visiting your hearing care professional.

Thanks to the new Signia Assistant, you can relax safe in the knowledge that all essential information is always available to you within seconds on your smartphone in the form of easy to understand handling videos and troubleshooting guides.

O Signia Assistant oferece-lhe:

  • Configurações adaptadas às suas preferências pessoais para um som ainda mais nítido e melhor compreensão da fala em todas as situações
  • Respostas às suas perguntas sobre como manusear os seus aparelhos auditivos para que se possa lembrar facilmente de todos os detalhes discutidos durante a sua consulta
  • Apoio 24/7 altamente intuitivo sempre que precisar
  • Confiança e controlo sobre o seu sucesso auditivo

O assistente reside na app Signia - disponível para smartphones iOS e Android.

Faça download agora:

App Signia

Personalize a sua experiência auditiva

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FAQs Signia Assistant

All Signia Xperience hearing aids with Bluetooth.

No, all the changes made by the Assistant are applied to the Universal Program. You automatically benefit from the new settings without the need to choose a specific program every time you are in a similar situation.

No, it will only apply to the Universal program.

There is a reset option in the app, you can use it at any time. Attention: This reverts the settings back to the original hearing aid fitting made by your HCP. To know more, please refer to the Signia Assistant Flyer available for download on this page.

There are several reasons why the Signia Assistant might not be available:

  • You don't have an Xperience hearing aid with Bluetooth paired with the app.
  • Signia Assistant is not available in your country (please contact your HCP to know whether your country supports Signia Assistant).
  • Hearing aids were fitted before Signia Assistant was released (if this is the case, please contact your HCP to get the Assistant activated)
No. The processing power and neural network is hosted online, and there is not an offline solution. This also ensures that the knowledge encapsulated in it is always up to dat

Yes, with the natural limitations in terms of tools for a monaural fitting.

Signia cannot trace any personal information at all. The whole system is 100% anonymized, and only big group data is analyzed; no individual data is collected. This is extremely important and the basis for the whole system. We couldn't have such a system if anything was traceable. Our "Privacy Policy" is displayed in the App (Settings->Imprint->Privacy policy).

Mask Mode is designed to compensate for the effects that face masks have on speech clarity.  Face masks dampen some of the important speech sounds, and Mask Mode boosts those sounds and increases overall focus on speech to help Xperience users more easily understand speech coming through a face mask.  It is easily activated and deactivated by tapping a button next to the volume control slider.
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