Signia Xperience: Hear What Matters to You

Are you or a loved one living with hearing loss? Then you probably know that discouraging feeling too well when you struggle to hear clearly in noisy situations like a busy restaurant or a packed conference hall. This is because conventional hearing aids are in effect blind to your personal needs.

Everyone is different. And everyone has a unique hearing experience depending on where they are and what they are doing. But so far, your hearing aids can only listen and make educated guesses about what type of situation you are in. They are not able to form a full view of your specific environment and how you interact in it and so cannot always recognise what you need to hear. This is why hearing can go from easy to nearly impossible in just a few seconds as you move from the relatively quiet surroundings of your home or car to a busier, acoustically more challenging place like a bustling shopping area.

But what if you could own a pair of hearing aids that let you experience the same crystal-clear level of hearing wherever you go? The game-changing new Signia Xperience hearing aids with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors offer a way to do just that and stay fully involved in life, wherever you go.

You no longer have to ask someone to repeat themselves because you could not catch what they were saying in the overall noise

Signia Xperience is the name of our revolutionary new technology platform – the smart chip and operating system if you like – that drives the sound processing of our new Pure 312 X hearing aids. This innovative high-tech hearwear effectively deploys a new sense to visualise more aspects of your environment than any other hearing aid. This enables it to make better decisions about which sounds are important to you at every moment. Signia Xperience personalises your hearing aids to understand what really matters, so that you can always hear what matters to you.

While dining out with friends, for example, Signia Xperience will make your conversation partners and the restaurant’s live background music sound crystal clear and in perfect harmony. And if a waiter approaches from behind and asks you if everything is to your satisfaction, you can understand the waiter’s voice clearly while other restaurant guests’ voices remain blended smoothly into the background to prevent confusion and frustration. You no longer have to ask someone to repeat themselves because you could not catch what they were saying in the overall noise.

The world’s first hearing aids with integrated acoustic-motion sensors powered by YourSound technology

The key to this entirely natural hearing sensation is the way Signia Xperience uses its advanced acoustic sensors in combination with in-built motion sensors. These are the first hearing aids in the world to offer this breakthrough technology. We call it YourSound technology. It measures more aspects of sound than ever before, including from exactly which direction each sound is coming, so that everything and everyone – including your own voice – sounds as clear as day. Plus, for the first time, the hearing aids measure how your movement affects how you need to hear in every situation, from running in the park or walking your dog to standing in line or sitting in a meeting.

The new Pure 312 X hearing aids with Signia Xperience are a real game-changer because they understand each and every situation. They continuously analyse your personal hearing environment in greater detail than ever to deliver sound precisely tailored to you. Everything sounds natural because you hear it at the correct volume and you recognise from which direction each sound is coming. Just as nature intended.

Now you can cook dinner and hear your loved ones behind you, enjoying the conversation even with all the sounds of the kitchen around you. You can go walking with friends in the park and hear them from any direction while also enjoying the sounds of the birds singing in the trees.

Now you can hear everything that matters to you:

  • Hear all the sounds that make hearing enjoyable
  • Hear clearly in any situation, wherever you go
  • Be an active part of every conversation

In addition to all these advantages of the new Signia Xperience platform, Pure 312 X hearing aids come in an elegantly slim design for complete discretion. And despite their tiny size, they also offer fully-featured Bluetooth connectivity for maximum enjoyment of music, mobile phone calls and high-quality TV sound streamed straight into your hearing aids. So you never miss out on what matters ever again.

It’s your time to get involved in life. Check out the new Signia Xperience here!

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