Protecting Your Hearing Aids Against Heat, Humidity, and H2O

Summer is here, which means quite a bit of hot weather, sweat, and swimming. However, it can also be a disastrous time for your hearing aids. Here's how to protect your hearing aids, and how Signia hearing aids withstand the elements.

Your summer is bound to involve some sweat, regardless of whether you take a vacation or not. If you do find yourself by the poolside or on the beach, you’ve also got sunscreen, water, and heat to worry about. During times like this, your hearing aids might be a source of concern and paranoia. There’s a lot that can go wrong, especially if your hearing aids get wet or overheated.

Caution is your primary weapon against these dangers, but you can also look into more durable hearing aids. This article will touch on how you can protect your hearing aids against the elements, and how upgrading might save you some trouble in the future.

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