Because life is made for sharing

Run hearing instruments provide an outstanding hearing experience all day long. Light and incredibly comfortable, the two powerful behind-the-ear, or BTE, models for wearers with higher amplification needs sit unobtrusively behind the ear. With their ingenious, interchangeable, super-soft Click Sleeves that simply click on the instrument, the in-the-ear, or ITE, models fit beautifully and in seconds. Whatever the situation, you can be sure Run hearing aids will deliver superb sound quality.

Add a magic sparkle to your life

The peaceful trickling of a woodland stream, the sounds of a baby chuckling or the subtle punchline of a friend’s joke – life is full of delights that bring smiles to our faces. With Run hearing instruments from Signia, you can enjoy every one of them to the full. Because when it comes to sharing magical moments, with Run, you’re in good company.


  • Great for every conversation, whoever it’s with.
  • At home, whether it’s quiet or the kids are running around.
  • In crowded, very noisy environments, such as restaurants or marketplaces.

Discover Run hearing aids:

Two different models are available:

A snug fit:

Run behind-the-ear models sit comfortably behind the ear.

Absolutely discreet:

Run in-the-ear models are worn directly and discreetly in the ear


Run BTEs Features

Understand conversation

(1) Focus on what is really important.

Run BTEs’ directional microphones pick up the sounds that will be amplified. They focus on sound coming from in front of you while reducing noises from other directions.

Sound transmission

(2) Your powerful connection to life.

Ideal for wearers with severe hearing loss, the transparent earhook provides a high level of amplification. The length of the tube can be trimmed to fit you precisely which, combined with a range of tip sizes, makes Run highly comfortable to wear.

Easy handling

(3) All options at the tip of your finger.

The rocker switch on Run BTEs lets you adjust the volume and change programs easily and quickly if your listening situation changes.

Quick-change artist

(4) Back on track in 3 simple steps.

The battery door on Run BTEs can be opened and closed effortlessly so you can change the standard battery quickly and easily, as the following steps show.

Complete protection

Rugged, robust and reliable.

Run’s housings are trialed and tested in the most challenging environments and are resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt to keep out the rigors of everyday life.



Designed for optimum fit

High comfort meets full convenience.

Thanks to their sleek, ergonomic shape, Run’s housings provide a highly comfortable fit behind your ear. And for extra convenience, the hearing aids are easily manageable.

Run Click-ITEs Features

Hear better

(1) Louder and clearer sound.
Sounds are transmitted via the microphone and amplified using state-of-the-art sound processing for clearer

Superb wearing comfort

(2) A pleasant-to-wear sensation.
Thanks to their super-soft silicone material and ergonomic shape, the Click Sleeves sit perfectly in your ear and provide a high level of wearing comfort.

Simple to insert and remove

(3) Quick, convenient fitting.
Easily interchangeable, Click Sleeves quickly and simply click on to the device for a swift fit. Available in three
different sizes, there’s a Click Sleeve for almost every ear.


(4) Handy removal cord.

Discreet yet convenient, the removal cord lets you easily remove the hearing aids from your ear.

Changing batteries

(5) Battery housing.
Easy to open so you can quickly and simply exchange the standard battery.


Remote control for your Run hearing aid

Ideal for anyone who wants discreet, convenient control of their hearing aids without a large remote control or smartphone

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