Tinnitus Notch Therapy

Signia Notch Therapy

As part of our commitment to always provide you with the most comprehensive and effective toolkit of tinnitus therapy options, Signia is pleased to offer a clinically proven tinnitus therapy. Notch Therapy is Signia’s proprietary and patented sound therapy, which has been shown to be especially effective against tonal tinnitus, a very common type of tinnitus.

Unlike other therapy approaches that work by providing an additional noise or audible sound to the patient, Signia Notch Therapy provides amplification with a notch filter set to correspond to the individual’s tinnitus frequency.

For a simplified example, if the patient’s tinnitus is centered around 1,000 Hz, Signia hearing aids can be set to provide amplification for the patient according to their hearing loss across the frequency range, with the exception of at 1,000 Hz. This therapy technique utilizes cortical lateral inhibition, a neural mechanism that reduces the activity in the over-stimulated region of the brain responsible for many types of tinnitus, and has been shown in multiple clinical studies to be highly effective.

Setting up Notch Therapy for your tinnitus patient is easy, and requires no specialized training. Connexx intuitively guides you through some simple steps to determine your patient’s tinnitus frequency, and automatically sets up the notch amplification in the hearing aid accordingly.

So, no matter whether your patient suffers from broadband or tonal tinnitus, Signia hearing aids ensure that you have the most effective and proven tools to treat their tinnitus along with their hearing loss.

Notch Therapy at a glance:

  • Tinnitus relief without adding or masking sound
  • Novel, unique, and clinically proven
  • Applicable for tonal tinnitus in combination with hearing loss
  • Area of perceived tonal tinnitus is notched out
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