Be clear

Be clear

on what we stand for.
To be the most responsible choice of hearing aid, we’re being clear on our many positive, powerful steps – to care for the environment, to address stigma, and to highlight hearing health. Join us on the journey to making brilliant choices that enhance the experience of life.

Breaking down barriers

We are challenging how hearing loss is seen and talked about, by changing how traditional hearing aids look and perform. This way, we can ignite shifts in perception that break down the barriers to people seeking help.

Actions we're taking include:

  • exploding the associations of age and disability with hearing loss, with hearwear that enhances both personal style and performance.
  • shifting perceptions of hearwear, by reimagining it as high-perfoming, high-functioning wearable tech.
  • powering greater inclusivity, with hearwear in a wide spectrum of form, function, and color.
  • fighting the financial barriers to treatment, with hearwear for every budget.

And the action you can take? Just Be Brilliant. Examine your bias. Adjust your view. See hearwear for what they are: empowering tools for everyone, that enhance the experience of life.

Clearly responsible

On environment

Even when something is small, it can be mighty. So, whether we're evolving our rechargeable range or tracking our hearwear's impact with Life Cycle Assessments, we're clear on the actions we're taking now - and can take next - to reduce our environmental impact.

On stigma

Barriers break down when people talk about taboos. So, to stand up to stigma, we design award-winning hearing solutions so discreet and tech-forward that people wear and talk about them with pride. We also join the conversation from our unique standpoint, of refusing to see hearing loss as a limitation – or its correction as anything other than gaining an edge. 

On hearing health

No matter how remote their location, we want to meet people where they are. So, we’ve developed and refined tools like our virtual Store Locator and Online Hearing Test to be truly accessible for everyone. It’s about people knowing that wherever they need us, we’re never out of reach. 

Everyone’s included

“We want to make sure nobody feels left out when they look for a hearing solution that fits their unique needs and style”

All together now

Our sustainability report

The big picture – to download and dig into 

Big, small, loud, and proud – we’re taking many steps across our business towards goals like carbon neutrality by 2025. 

Download the Annual Report with the included Sustainability Report from our parent company WSA, to see the beauty in the details – and where we are on our journey right now. 

Download our Annual Report 2021/22
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