Intuis 3 family

Proven technology, outstanding comfort

It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.

A child’s happy laughter, a phone call from a loved one, birds singing in the trees – it’s these sounds that make moments special and enrich our lives. Enjoy these magic moments with ease thanks to the proven technology and outstanding comfort of Intuis 3 from Signia.

Simply the best solution for you

Whether it’s a receiver-in-canal, RIC or behind-the-ear, BTE or one of the in-the-ear, ITE models, the Intuis 3 family has a solution for you. Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, all hearing aids provide you with a reliable, clear and comfortable listening experience and a maximum of discretion with remote control options via the Signia app or the miniPocket™.

Appealing new RIC model offers value-for-money hearing satisfaction

Intuis 3 RIC 312

Sleek BTE models sit comfortably behind the ear for a snug fit.

Intuis 3 S

Intuis 3 M

Intuis 3 P

Intuis 3 SP

Click ITE models sit discreetly in your ear and fit right away.

Intuis 3 Click CIC

Intuis 3 Click ITC

Customized ITE models are tailor-made and sit discreetly in your ear.

Intuis 3 CIC

Intuis 3 ITC

Intuis 3 ITE

Intuis 3 BTEs features

Understand conversation

(1) Easily focus on what is really important.

Intuis 3 BTEs’ directional microphones pick up the sounds that will be amplified. They focus on sound coming from in front of you while reducing noises from other directions. As soon as they detect speech, they activate their directionality mode so you can easily focus on your conversation partner, even in challenging environments where there is a lot of background noise.

Easy handling

(2) All options at the tip of your finger.

The push button and/or the rocker switch on Intuis 3 BTEs let you easily and quickly change the program if your listening situation changes or adjust the volume.

(3) Full control in your hands.

Optimum hearing made simple, convenient and discreet: Whatever the situation, the Signia app puts complete control of Intuis 3 in your hands. Change Intuis 3’s hearing programs and adjust the volume, bass and treble to suit your needs. All you need is a smartphone.

(4) Partners you can rely on.

Resistant to moisture, sweat, and dirt, Intuis 3 BTEs keep up with you even when you’re exercising or gardening

Hear the speaker clearly

(5) Listen closely, even at a distance.

In places equipped with an induction loop, the Telecoil or T-Coil function in Intuis 3 M, P and SP models helps you understand speakers more clearly. Simply select the T-program wherever you see the following sign:

Quick-change artist

(6) Back on track in 3 simple steps.

The battery door on Intuis 3 BTEs can be effortlessly opened and closed so you can change the standard battery quickly and easily as the following steps show.

Intuis 3 Click CICs & ITEs features

Hear better

(1) Louder and clearer sound.

Sounds are transmitted via the microphone port and amplified for clearer hearing.

Easy handling

(2) Battery housing.

Easy to open so you can quickly and simply exchange the standard battery.

(3) Handy removal cord.

Discreet yet convenient, the removal cord lets you easily remove the hearing aids from your ear.

(4) Free discreet remote control.

The Signia app lets you control your Intuis 3 via your smartphone.

A more natural feeling

(5) A breath of fresh air.

The vent in the Click sleeve and in ITE models provides air circulation to the ear to give you the feeling of a normal open ear canal.

Intuis 3 Click ITEs: the quick fit solution

(6) A perfect match with just one click.

Easily interchangeable, Click sleeves on Intuis 3 Click ITEs are made from super-soft silicone which quickly and simply clicks on to the device for a superbly comfortable and swift fit. Available in three different sizes, there’s a Click sleeve for almost every ear.

Intuis 3 Click ITEs: tailor-made discretion

Your personal hearing solution.

Custom-made for the anatomy of your ear and your hearing loss, Intuis 3 ITEs offer you a completely personalized hearing experience.

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