Ask An Audiologist: I know that I need hearing aids, but I do not want others to be aware that I am wearing one.

What is the suitable type of hearing aid for me?

While watching a documentary, Moru Lien profoundly remembers a scene where a baby could hear for the first time thanks to an assistive listening device. The raw emotions in the scene triggered a reaction within Moru, who dreamed of being able to help more people in the hearing loss community. With a goal of bringing quality to the lives of people suffering from hearing loss, Moru finished her studies in Communication Disorder Science before she pursued a Doctorate in Audiology.

Today, with more than 12 years of audiological experience in the hearing aid industry, we ask Moru:

I know that I need hearing aids, but I do not want others to be aware that I am wearing one. What is the suitable type of hearing aid for me?

I always tell hearing aid wearers that the aesthetic appeal should not be your key focus when choosing hearing aids. Instead, you should focus on the quality of life you wish to achieve. However, aesthetic appeal is always one of the most important concerns that most hearing aid wearers have when it comes to addressing their hearing loss.

This could stem from the belief that hearing aids stand out like big beige bananas that cannot be hidden. But did you know? Signia has over 140 years of illustrious history, starting back in 1878. We built many world’s first innovations over the years, and thanks to technology advancements, modern Signia hearing aids are so much smaller and more discreet than before – almost invisible when worn!

One fitting Moru will never forget

One fitting I will never forget is a hearing assessment I had with an elderly lady when I worked in a hospital. Throughout her appointment she showed an apathetic attitude, such as refusing to interact with people and ignoring her surroundings.

Her son told me that her personality had drastically changed over the last few years. She went from being an incredibly active woman with a big heart, to this quiet woman sitting in the wheelchair. Her family had felt a growing distance as they could not communicate with her or understand her needs. Everyone around her had thought that she may be suffering from a mental condition such as dementia. They consulted a doctor who recommended a range of tests including a hearing assessment to further understand her condition.

During that hearing assessment, I realized that she was not suffering from any mental conditions, but instead she had a hearing loss! With that information, I proceeded to fit her with suitable hearing aids. With hearing aids, the mother could finally actively take part in social activities after the longest time. The son remarked that he was overjoyed he could see his mother’s bright smile again – “Finally, I have you back.”


When searching for a suitable hearing aid, do visit a hearing care professional for a personalized evaluation! It may just change your life.

If you feel that you are having problems with your hearing and would like to find out more, you can use our handy Store Locator to find your nearest hearing care professional!

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